By Benjamin Butterworth

People in England will soon know if they have coronavirus within 24 hours of taking the test, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised senior MPs.

The following statement by The Prime Minister generates a rather Big Scary Question… If the he is “FORBIDDEN” from giving as start date… Then WHO IS ACTUALLY RUNNING THE COUNTRY?????

But he declined to detail when the new target will take effect, saying that he had been “forbidden from announcing any more targets and deadlines”.

Mr Johnson said that both Dido Harding, who heads up the test and trace project, and Chris Whitty, the Chief Medical Officer, have said that the quicker the turnaround of tests, the more effective Britain can trace infections.

Asked to introduce the target by former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, the PM told the Commons Liaison Committee: “We have done that… yes, absolutely.”

Pressed on when it would be met, the PM said: “I’m not going to give you a deadline right now, Jeremy, because I’m forbidden from announcing any more targets and deadlines. It’s going to be as soon as possible.”

Track and trace introduction

The aim of the test and trace system is to isolate new infections (Photo: AFP)

A new NHS Test and Trace scheme will launch in England on Thursday as part of new efforts to limit the spread of the disease and ease out of lockdown restrictions.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson appearing before the House of Commons Liaison Committee (Photo: PA)

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