@Regrann from @vegsource – “But Sweden!! The first image is Sweden’s deaths from all causes per 100k people. This chart shows deaths in January thru April for the last thirty years. Can you spot the pandemic? 🇸🇪

Those trying to defend the destruction of the US and UK economies over Covid want you to believe Sweden’s decision not to put their citizens out of work extracted a huge toll. No, it didn’t. Only time will tell but Sweden is well ahead at this point. 🇸🇪

Interesting graph that shows some severe flu seasons over the years in Sweden and deaths per million. You can see that Covid (in yellow) has killed fewer Swedes than past severe flu seasons in Sweden. The reason to put this as a visual chart is that people can better understand scale and scope of what we’re dealing with. So which is worse? A bad flu season or Covid?

Sweden has provided much better quality of life and security for their citizens. In the US and UK, governments are using Covid for political purposes, and trying to scare their populations into eventually accepting a very questionable and unknown vaccine – in order to receive what Sweden never took from their own citizens: normalcy. 😍

By contrast, US citizens are about to be taken to camps and prisons for re education labor.

The third image shows what Covid is actually about everywhere (including in Sweden) – failure to protect the elderly living in nursing homes. “

Handicap & care patients from this point forward are neglected and expendable, dying alone, scared & confused about what happened. Seriously consider where you will be & how you will die like these care patients in homes, forgotten & horrificly exterminated by government care. See Inoculum of Truth documentary on youtube. Your future will be much worse if you dont expose plandemic dystopia. Everything else is just noise.

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